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Our Travels through Europe

by Jane, Sophie, Dickson and John Griffin on our 1902 Dutch Klipper



Meet the crew!

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Christmas lights are up!;-)

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In June 2006, we left the UK for Europe aboard our Dutch Sailing Klipper, Vrouwe Antje. Our plan involved travelling the European Waterways during the summer months and wintering in the French Alps and so far it has been wonderful. We take time out to work every so often (just enough to keep us topped up on diesel and wine!!).  Our plan has now changed a bit as we have stopped travelling all summer and purchased a house in a village on the Canal du Midi, Capestang. Vrouwe Antje is now back to primarily sailing! We think she is happiest with the sails up

Below are some links to photographs of our adventures to date. 

French canal map and photographs

Belgian canal map and photographs

Dutch canal map and photographs


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