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Canal Du Nord, France, 20th to 23rd June 2006

1st to 7th July and 25th August to 1st September 2008

This busy commercial canal is the main route from north to south so we seem to spend a lot of time on it!  There are some very pretty towns along the way but moorings for smaller boats are unfortunately quite scarce. 


2006 photos

nl47 (32641 bytes)

Very deep cut

nl48 (14011 bytes)

Entering the Ruyaulcourt Tunnel

nl49 (10087 bytes)

Pretty dark in here!

nl50 (18652 bytes)

John working on the generator at Peronne

nl51 (22396 bytes)

Hmmm, not too happy!

nl53 (20510 bytes)

Lunch on the go

nl52 (16078 bytes)

Wrapped up against the wind!

nl54 (12694 bytes)

Mooring outside Noyon

nl55 (16433 bytes)

1908 Dutch tug owned by New Zealand couple

nl56 (16014 bytes)

1904 Tjalk owned by English couple

nord.jpg (13673 bytes)

Sharing the canal with the giants

nord9.jpg (26053 bytes)

Mooring at Peronne

2008 photos

nord1.jpg (22675 bytes)

Jennie and Mike sorting ropes in the huge locks

nord2.jpg (15923 bytes)

In the amazing Grand Historial Du Grand Guerre at Peronne

nord3.jpg (24415 bytes)

A selection of WW1 items recovered from surrounding fields

nord4.jpg (29108 bytes)

Jane, Katie and Charlotte at Peronne

nord5.jpg (25561 bytes)

Sarah, Mark, Katie and Charlotte at Peronne

nord6.jpg (24422 bytes)

Margaret and Phillip aboard their Groninger tjalk 'Avalon'

nord7.jpg (21379 bytes)

John and Ian welding by Stevenaak 'Aleida'

nord8.jpg (20881 bytes)

Mooring at Moislans

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