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Friesland, The Netherlands, 22nd to 27th June 2007

sneekbikes.jpg (44950 bytes)

Into Sneek (pronounced snake) and the land of bicycles and small canals

sneekmooring.jpg (102271 bytes)

Our mooring in the centre of town

skutjerace3.jpg (9719 bytes)

A Skutsje race on the Sneekermeer

skutsjesailing.jpg (17945 bytes)

Close tacking to win the race!

sneekermeersailup.jpg (16573 bytes)

Up went our sail too

Sneekermeersail.jpg (13691 bytes)

coasting along in the deeper water of the buoyed channel

JMAkkrum.jpg (41525 bytes)

Arrival at Akkrum and a walk to town in the sunshine!

akkrummooring.jpg (28343 bytes)

our mooring at Akkrum.

akkrumcycle.jpg (26568 bytes)

Borrowed a bike and off we wobbled to do a tour of the Sneekermeer in the rain.

leeboardtable.jpg (36175 bytes)

Stopped for a drink in a cafe with a leeboard table.

teherne.jpg (20904 bytes)

A really low bridge at Teherne

leeuwarden.jpg (13735 bytes)

A visit to Leeuwarden and the "leaning tower"

leeuwardenbikes.jpg (44649 bytes)

Thousands of bikes at the railway station

leeuwarden1.jpg (31323 bytes)

Some lovely barges along the canals

groningen.jpg (28832 bytes)

A train journey to Groningen and the museum

groningen1.jpg (46345 bytes)

Dredging bikes from the bottom of the canal

groningen2.jpg (47036 bytes)

A piece of amazing art in the museum

groningen3.jpg (56632 bytes)

A piece of amazing art in the street

Groningne4.jpg (38582 bytes)

The Waag in Groningen

heerenveen.jpg (28212 bytes)

A beautiful evening cruise to Heerenveen

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