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Nord and Zuid Holland, Netherlands,

4th July to 20th September 2007

amsterdam.jpg (24094 bytes)

Into Amsterdam and the busy North Sea Canal

amsterdam1.jpg (31762 bytes)

We were soon into the quieter canal system and saw a car made for two!

amsterdam2.jpg (29403 bytes)

Ten lifting/swing bridges in a row is quite tiring.

aalsmeer.jpg (34024 bytes)

a group of sea scouts in the lock

aalsmeer1.jpg (15314 bytes)

Raising a glass to the Aalsmeer from our mooring for three weeks

aalsmeerpony.jpg (30936 bytes)

The resident pony at the Blauwe Buegel harbour

amsterdam3.jpg (23853 bytes)

A tour of Amsterdam the next day

amsterdam4.jpg (35256 bytes)

Lunch by the canal

haarlem.jpg (23276 bytes)

Our next stop was Haarlem, where we had pride of place in the centre of the town

haarlem1.jpg (21459 bytes)

A windmill by the canal used for sawing logs

alphen.jpg (28059 bytes)

To Alphen a/d Rijn and the place where Vrouwe Antje was built.  Moored in the centre of town on the lawn canal!

alphen1.jpg (21437 bytes)

A lifting bridge outside the town

alphen2.jpg (19343 bytes)

Alphen Windmill

alphen3.jpg (31657 bytes)

Vrouwe Antje about to have her bottom cleaned!

alphen4.jpg (22367 bytes)

Three days and 45 litres of paint later and she's ready to go back in the water.

gouda.jpg (36300 bytes)

Our next stop was Gouda where the cheese market was in full swing

gouda1.jpg (23719 bytes)

We were lucky enough to be given a mooring in the historic harbour for two weeks - for free!!!!

gouda2.jpg (25944 bytes)

The Stadhuis is quite spectacular

rotterdam.jpg (24555 bytes)

We went to Rotterdam and moored up just near the famous cubehouses

rotterdam1.jpg (29092 bytes)

Our mooring in the Haringvliet

rotterdam2.jpg (26361 bytes)

While in Rotterdam the Harbour festival took place and we watched a sailing barge race along the river

rotterdam3.jpg (29153 bytes)

The Harbour had some amazing historic barges in it

dordrecht.jpg (28780 bytes)

On our way to Dordrecht being overtaken by two barges at the same time!

dordrecht1.jpg (48226 bytes)

Our mooring at Dordrecht - a very secure modern harbour

dordrecht2.jpg (35207 bytes)

The historic harbour at Dordrecht, complete with traditional crane!

dordrecht3.jpg (48923 bytes)

A lovely view of the town and  rivers from the cathedral tower

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