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Paris,23rd June to 3rd July 2005

23092005005.jpg (11127 bytes)

The first view or Paris!!!!!!

23092005010.jpg (44207 bytes)

Our mooring near the Eiffel Tower

25062005003.jpg (37026 bytes)

The busy River Seine

25062005005.jpg (34178 bytes)

Sunny days on the Seine

25062005006.jpg (37034 bytes)

Passing the Louvre

25062005015.jpg (20011 bytes)

A rear view of Notre Dame

25062005012.jpg (25301 bytes)

Big barges coming through

25062005016.jpg (42652 bytes)

Into the darkness of the St. Denis tunnel

25062005029.jpg (48128 bytes)

Out into the light again

25062005030.jpg (48919 bytes)

Waving at the gongoozlers!

25062005032.jpg (47533 bytes)

The bridge after the tunnel

26062005001.jpg (48938 bytes)

A really deep lock

26062005005.jpg (31853 bytes)

out of the lock

26062005008.jpg (36513 bytes)

It was a bit damp

26062005010.jpg (35591 bytes)

I am not amused!

26062005015.jpg (60792 bytes)

Sunny again - happy Jane

26062005017.jpg (30525 bytes)

Jennie and Mike staring at the algae!

26062005019.jpg (44385 bytes)

Moored up again

26062005020.jpg (51046 bytes)

Happy in the sunshine once more!

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