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River Aisne, France, 3rd to 14th July 2006

Christina (19556 bytes)

Christina, Dutch barge owned by David and Lois at Attichy

cows (20832 bytes)

Cows cooling their feet in the Canal

soissonsabbey.jpg (16502 bytes)

Soissons Abbey

giantcroissant.jpg (10010 bytes)

John's giant croissant! (on a dinner plate)

courtyard (20832 bytes)

Courtyard at Septmonts

dungeon (20957 bytes)

The Dungeon of Septmonts

firestation.jpg (11682 bytes)

The Fire station at Septmonts!

soissonsmooring.jpg (12201 bytes)

Mooring at Soissons

working (29742 bytes)

Working on computer at Bourg et Comin

dog (20735 bytes)

Strange dog at a lock

Mooiaak.jpg (22024 bytes)

Chris Ries's Dutch barge, Mooiaak

etype (17193 bytes)

E Type Jaguar in mint condition by a lock

happydays.jpg (11691 bytes)

Happy days on our way!

berrymooring.jpg (23583 bytes)

Mooring at Berry Au Bac 13th July


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