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River Scarpe, France, 30th May to 7th June 2008

and 2nd Sept to Spring 2009!

We set of for Arras from Douai and thoroughly enjoyed our journey along this windy (as in curvy), canalised river with its crystal clear water and abundant little grebes.  Saint Laurent Blangy has good moooring privded you don't mind your barge being bumped into by out of control canoeists!  It is a real shame that the navigable section stops at Saint-Laurent-Blangy as the river into Arras town centre is beauitful with plenty of space for moorings.  Good luck Jan and Ian Ferguson with your campaign to try to get it opened again for 2010!!

johnalgae.jpg (26118 bytes)

John contemplating algae in a lock

laurentmooring.jpg (15744 bytes)

Mooring at St Laurent Blangy

vimy.jpg (9179 bytes)

The Canadian WW1 Monument at Vimy Ridge

trenchvimy.jpg (28326 bytes)

John in a WW1 trench at Vimy

arras.jpg (17866 bytes)

Grand Place, Arras (our second Wedding Anniversary was spent here!)

arras.jpg (17618 bytes)

Tourism Office and Town Hall at Arras

moorhenbaby.jpg (21639 bytes)

Moorhen and ugly baby (I'm sure his mum doesn't think so!!)

arras2.jpg (21964 bytes)

Painful water jousting moment at Arras

candg1.jpg (24263 bytes)

Carla and Greg with Jane on a sunny day at Saint Laurent Blangy

candg.jpg (20718 bytes)

Loving on the canal

vitry.jpg (19535 bytes)

Our mooring at Vitry En Artois

arras1.jpg (23623 bytes)

In Arras square waiting for beer to arrive!

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