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River Maas, Netherlands, 7th to 12th June 2007

Maastrichtmooring.jpg (32262 bytes)

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With Jennie and Mike on board, we went on into the Netherlands and our first stop was Maastricht. 

We stayed here a couple of days as our toilet pump broke!  Luckily the marina had showers and toilets and there was a superb chandlery shop close by!

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In Maastricht with Jennie and Mike

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Out for a drink in the town square of Maastricht

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Our next stop was at a lovely town called Roermond

roermondmooring.jpg (29173 bytes)

Our mooring at Roermond

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Our first sighting of a windmill (little did we know that are so many more to come!!)

venlomooring.jpg (16563 bytes)

The marina near Venlo, a lovely quiet place with a bar and restaurant

mooringgennep.jpg (18774 bytes)

Mooring Gennep

Gennep.jpg (24560 bytes)

Next stop was Gennep, the marina was about 15 minutes outside town but the town square was well worth the walk


mooringnijmegen.jpg (19663 bytes)

Mooring Nijmegen

nijmegen.jpg (29253 bytes)

Nijmegen Centre

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