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River Meuse, Belgium, 26th May to 6th June 2007

chateaufreyr.jpg (18926 bytes)

Chateua Freyr on the River Meuse

rocks.jpg (21988 bytes)

Magnificent rocks guarding the entrance to the town of Dinant

dinantview1.jpg (13994 bytes)

Dinant, the citadel and the onion domed church

dinantjohn.jpg (35599 bytes)

John guarding the gate to the citadel

dinantmooring.jpg (20241 bytes)

Our mooring, taken from the citadel

dinantview.jpg (30144 bytes)

A view of the River taken from the citadel

dinantsax.jpg (30496 bytes)

Jane with Mr Sax, the inventor of the saxaphone who lived in Dinant

Namurmoorings.jpg (18041 bytes)

Moorings along the River Meuse at Namur. We found this a bit noisy as there were large commercial barges going past all day and evening.  Also, we had to pay and had no facilities at all!

namurmooring.jpg (96581 bytes)

Our next mooring in Namur on the River Sambre , just off the River Meuse (free and quieter!)

Namurview.jpg (23112 bytes)

A view of the River Meuse from the citadel at Namur

Namurchateau.jpg (31408 bytes)

Namur Chateau, now a very posh hotel

Namurcommercial.jpg (20379 bytes)

A giant, fully laden commercial barge along the River Sambre (this was where we began to feel very small!)

tinyman.jpg (20620 bytes)

Everyone else felt small too! (see if you can spot the man!!)

lockdoor.jpg (20398 bytes)

A lock door coming up from underground.  The lock was about 20 metres wide by 160 metres long!

Wanzemarina.jpg (14915 bytes)

Wanze marina near Huy. We are moored up at the entrance on the right

Huycitadel.jpg (21173 bytes)

Huy citadel, with its cable car across the River Meuse

Liegemooring.jpg (21685 bytes)

The marina at Liege. Jennie and Mike were on their way to travel with us for a month.

Liegediver.jpg (12257 bytes)

The diver at Liege

Liege.jpg (27772 bytes)

Liege Town Hall and square, our last town in Belgium!

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