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Rivers Waal and Ijssel, Netherlands,13th to 18th June 2007

mikehelm.jpg (28212 bytes)

A sunny evening with Mike at the helm

waal.jpg (17487 bytes)

The view of the River Waal from Nijmegen

mooringnijmegen.jpg (19663 bytes)

At Nijmegen on the River Waal, tied next to a big Hevelaak

nijmegen.jpg (29253 bytes)

Out for drinks in the Old Square at Nijmegen

arnhembridge.jpg (32358 bytes)

A short trip off the Ijssel on the Nederrijn to Arnhem

Abridgetoofar.jpg (72770 bytes)

A Bridge too far

Arnhem.jpg (13662 bytes)

Arnhem bridge today

Arnhemmooring.jpg (21963 bytes)

Our mooring at Arnhem next to a working Tjalk

zutphen1.jpg (31756 bytes)

Wandering around Zutphen on the Ijssel river

mooringzutphen.jpg (15610 bytes)

Our Mooring at Zutphen

Zutphenbridge.jpg (45959 bytes)

Lovely bridge at Zutphen

enteringhattem.jpg (14805 bytes)

Entering Hattem

hattem1.jpg (26912 bytes)

The gate into Hattem

hattembeer.jpg (31709 bytes)

Lunchtime beers with Jennie and Mike at Hattem

hattem2.jpg (35344 bytes)

Beautiful buildings in Hattem

hattem3.jpg (61701 bytes)

walking around Hattem

hattem.jpg (67484 bytes)

Fantastic frog orchestra!

mooringkampen.jpg (13428 bytes)

Nestled among the big klippers and tjalks at Kampen

mooringkampen2.jpg (14547 bytes)

Mooring at Kampen

kampenmastup.jpg (19026 bytes)

Mast up again!

Kampen1.jpg (27901 bytes)

A very wonky building in the centre of Kampen

kampen3.jpg (12440 bytes)

Kampen town centre

bridgetoijselmeer.jpg (12955 bytes)

Last bridge before the Isselmeer!

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