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Canal De La Marne a La Saone, France, 20th July to 7th August 2006

dutchnarrowboatjuly.jpg (25726 bytes)

Dutch couple on an English narrowboat at St Dizier 21st July

fontainesmooring.jpg (18438 bytes)

Fontaines mooring between dolphins 22nd July

Johnfintainesjuly.jpg (43558 bytes)

John at the roman aqueduct at Fontaines Sur Marne 22nd July

smartklipperjuly.jpg (22012 bytes)

saying hello to a very "Smart" Klipper

fulllockjuly.jpg (25730 bytes)

Any fuller and we'll be mowing the grass!

joinville.jpg (21213 bytes)

Historic canal in Joinville (great pizza restaurant too!) 23rd July

mooringjoinville.jpg (37760 bytes)

Mooring at Joinville

joinville1july.jpg (27555 bytes)

Pretty Joinville

chateaujoinvillejuly.jpg (32120 bytes)

Joinville Chateau

Fronclesmooring.jpg (40469 bytes)

Mooring at Froncles 24th July

vignorywashjuly.jpg (23256 bytes)

Vignory victorian wash house (with real victorians!)

vignorychatau1.jpg (39533 bytes)

Vignory Chateau - I'd like to see what's up there!

vignoryviewjuly.jpg (28606 bytes)

View from Vignory Chateau

janetunneljuly.jpg (24328 bytes)

One way to get out of the rain!

cornmaizejuly.jpg (12830 bytes)

John borrowing corn (maize?) from a local field (too tough to eat)

swingbridgejuly.jpg (24930 bytes)

hand winched swing bridge

hardwork.jpg (23745 bytes)

Very old manual locks!

langresmooring.jpg (20872 bytes)

Mooring at Langres 29th July

langresviewaug.jpg (19494 bytes)

view from Langres ramparts of Lac Liez

Elizabeth.jpg (33671 bytes)

Annie and Jim and narrowboat Elizabeth

Langrestrain.jpg (24874 bytes)

Sarah, Charlotte, Mark and Katie on the Langres train (on a very rainy day!)

Langres.jpg (30676 bytes)

sunnier afternoon in Langres

bugsaug.jpg (29368 bytes)

life jackets and big bugs on the canal!

icecreamaug.jpg (21750 bytes)

They seem to be enjoying the ice cream!


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