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Canal D'Est Northern Section, France

(River Meuse), 28th April to 25th May 2007

commercystitch.jpg (85805 bytes)

The beautiful chateau at Commercy.

commercy.jpg (54196 bytes)

The back of the beautiful chateau at Commercy.

StMihiel.jpg (87528 bytes)

A view of St Mihiel from one of the seven large stones that stand above the river, you can just see the boat under the bridge.

johnbread.jpg (57337 bytes)

John making bread!

verdun1.jpg (17895 bytes)

Our mooring at Verdun


verdunossiuary.jpg (20865 bytes)

The Ossiuary at Verdun, a memorial to the unknown soldiers who died during the battle in the First World War. 

372,000 French died and an equal number of Germans.

verduntrench.jpg (37699 bytes)

The trench De Londres at Verdun

mooringstenay.jpg (22660 bytes)

Our Mooring at Stenay



stenaybeermus.jpg (24313 bytes)

The Beer Museum at Stenay



mooringmouzon.jpg (20164 bytes)

Our Mooring at Mouzon



Mouzon.jpg (25209 bytes)

A beautiful chateau at Mouzon, now an old people's home


mooringsedan.jpg (24827 bytes)

The mooring at Sedan



Sedanchateau.jpg (21925 bytes)

The Chateau at Sedan, the largest in Europe, covering an area of 15 hectares

Sedanchateau1.jpg (21766 bytes)

A scene from the inside of the Chateau


sedanchateau2.jpg (26068 bytes)

The interior courtyard of the chateau


charlevillemooring.jpg (21699 bytes)

Our mooring at Charleville Mezieres, further upstream was a big marina but the bridge was only 3 metres high so we couldn't fit!

Charlevilleducale.jpg (27019 bytes)

Place Ducale in the centre of Charleville Mezieres


charlevillemuseum.jpg (31125 bytes)

Rimbaud Museum in Charleveille Mezieres

shortnarrowboat.jpg (31418 bytes)

A very short very narrowboat in Charleville Mezieres

ericlinda.jpg (26398 bytes)

Eric and Linda and their narrowboat "The Last Farthing"

Meusebridge.jpg (23120 bytes)

A bridge over the River Meuse on the way to Fumay

Fumaymooring.jpg (19178 bytes)

Our mooring at Fumay


Fumaytownhall.jpg (21697 bytes)

The Town Hall at Fumay, the slate is locally mined and how the town made its money

Belgianborder1.jpg (24413 bytes)

Crossing the border into Belgium



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