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Canal D'Est Southern section, France, 18th to 27th April 2007


janehelm.jpg (103958 bytes)

Jane taking the boat out of a lock.

fontenoy.jpg (61054 bytes)

Fontenoy Le Chateau where the canal was cut deep into the rocks. This is a boat which had four Swedish men aboard.  They had brought it from Malaga and were on their way back to Sweden.

Epinal.jpg (95352 bytes)

Epinal, where we moored alongside Gill and David, who live aboard "Owlpen", a 1911 sailing tjalk.

charmes.jpg (79101 bytes)

The lovely town of Charmes, which had a terrible history of being invaded, burnt to the ground and rebuilt about four times.

charmesmooring.jpg (77679 bytes)

The mooring at Charmes. The commercial barge in front was German and was always just ahead of us putting it's towel on the quay to get the best mooring.  We pretty much had to leave in the dark the next morning to beat it!! 

nancymooring.jpg (59237 bytes)

The quiet, rural mooring outside Nancy.  Note the lack of commercial barge!

toul.jpg (70207 bytes)

Toul, with its magnificent cathedral, the towers of which are 60 metres high.The River in the foreground is the Moselle.


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