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Canal Du Rhone Au Rhin (to Besancon), France, September 2006

jenniemike.jpg (28794 bytes)

Jennie and Mike on the way to Dole

goingtodole.jpg (28742 bytes)

Sarah, Mark, Katie and Charlotte on the way to Dole

flowersdole.jpg (48144 bytes)

Katie and Charlotte in Dole

Crass's.jpg (75229 bytes)

Jane's parents arrive and head up the Rhine au Rhone canal!

Lockonthedoob.jpg (34274 bytes)

A lock on the canalised River Doubs.

Thoraisewalk.jpg (27162 bytes)

A walk at Thoraise before a huge storm

Walktheplank.jpg (34971 bytes)

Time to Walk the plank at Dole.

besancon.jpg (34183 bytes)

Mooring at Besancon.

Cheers.jpg (30422 bytes)


Cheers2.jpg (30507 bytes)



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