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North West  Belgium, 11th to 16th June 2006

belgianborder.jpg (14523 bytes)

Crossing the Belgian border 11th June

nl22 (22441 bytes)

Mooring for the night at Vuerne in Belgium 11th June

nl23 (17447 bytes)

The town square in Vuerne

nl24 (23906 bytes)

sculpture garden

Leffingemooring.jpg (20875 bytes)

Mooring at Leffinge 12th June (Canal Plassendale-Nieuwpoort)

leffingefireman.jpg (20635 bytes)

Fireman at Leffinge watering the grass!!

nl34 (77094 bytes)

Onto Brugges and the semi-circular Damportsluice (horrid lock!!) (Canal Gent-Oostende)

bruggesmooring.jpg (18674 bytes)

Mooring in Brugges at Flandrie marina 13th June

nl26 (27348 bytes)

In Brugges

nl27 (49384 bytes)

Minnerwater, Brugges

nl28 (19899 bytes)

Grebe on nest at Minnerwater

nl29 (19399 bytes)

Brugges main square

nl30 (17037 bytes)

Brugges Town Hall

nl31 (18359 bytes)

Jennie and her embarrasing Belgian beer

nl32 (20719 bytes)

lifting bridge, Brugges

nl33 (15509 bytes)

Windmills along the canal banks, Brugges

nl36 (20929 bytes)

Dinner on board

nl35 (17578 bytes)

moored in Deinze  alongside the river Leie (sloping banks with rocks under so tyres necessary) 15th June

nl37 (11664 bytes)

Bo-Bo unladen peniche on the River Leie

nl38 (10366 bytes)

they come quite close!

nl39 (13468 bytes)

moored at Menen 16th June (River Leie)

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