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River Saone (middle section), France, 8th to 9th August 2006

wideriveraug.jpg (21879 bytes) the very wide River Saone!

pontarlieraug.jpg (27692 bytes)

mooring at Pontarlier Sur Saone next to Bengta

auxonneaug.jpg (23543 bytes)

The "Italian Job" at Auxonne - the boat tied in front was driven by mad Italians!


29th August to 2nd September 2006

stjeandelosne.jpg (12411 bytes)

St Jean De Losne 29th August

verdunmooring.jpg (31195 bytes)

Mooring at Verdun Sur Doubs 29th August

(prone to flooding, you could end up on the bank, hence why the lea board is lowered!)

Verdun.jpg (20295 bytes)

Old buildings at Verdun Sur Doubs

chalonsmooring.jpg (29076 bytes)

Mooring at Chalons Sur Saone 30th August

chalonsmarket.jpg (22793 bytes)

Market at Chalons

oliveschalons.jpg (33277 bytes)

Tasting Olives at the market! Yum!

chalonssursaone.jpg (19032 bytes)

Flower sculpture at Chalons

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