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River Saone (northern section), France, 13th to 17th April 2007

We left St. Symphorien on a lovely sunny day, Friday, April 13th, and went north along the River Saone, heading for the Belgian border and Holland.  We had about six weeks to try to get to the border along the River and the Canal D'Est. The weather was beautiful for the whole of the month.

For some reason, April seemed to be the month we nearly adopted some animals!  Firstly, (everyone say ahhhh) there was the four day old duckling we rescued, then...

duckling.jpg (30432 bytes)

...this cheeky cat decided he wanted to live aboard and slept on the canopy roof for the night!  When we didn't get up in time to feed him in the morning, he left...

cat.jpg (28226 bytes)

...then there was the goat at the lock that took a liking to John....

goat.jpg (114687 bytes)

until he grabbed it by the horns and it ran off!

Lastly, let's not forget Perla who, after being fed a sausage, just would not leave us alone (quel surprise!)! Her owners would not however, let us have her!!

Perla.jpg (63281 bytes)

We visited some beautiful places along the way, and decided that our new role in life was being "professional sightseers"

gray.jpg (57458 bytes)

Gray, where we had met Perla.

graytownhallroof.jpg (116416 bytes)

Detail of the roof of the beautiful town hall.

portsursaone.jpg (76099 bytes)

Port Sur Saone, a lovely marina and town.

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